Call For Papers

Full papers of high quality, describing unpublished, original scientific research related to one of the topics mentioned or to the overall conference theme are invited. Papers describing novel pedagogical approaches, methods, tools, findings, interpretations, explanations, or other contributions presented in a solid scientific framework, including empirical evaluation are most welcome.

Contributions of the following form are welcome:

  • full research papers in the area of informatics and ICT-relevant subjects,
  • methodological papers on teaching and learning informatics and using informatics in other subjects in schools,
  • proposals of tutorial and panel sessions.

Accepted papers will be published in either a volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science or in a volume of conference proceedings.
Contributions should clearly belong to one of the following topics:

Informatics Curriculum and Fundamentals

  • Main goal of informatics education
  • Standards and certifications in informatics education
  • Informatics versus ICT in School and versus fluency with ICT
  • Introduction to informatics for all
  • Historical development of informatics education
  • Social and ethical aspects of applying informatics
  • Gender issues
  • Cultural issues

Didactics of Informatics

  • Approaches to solving problems with computers
  • Algorithmic problem solving
  • Teaching and learning algorithmic thinking
  • Teaching basic concepts versus teaching applications
  • Learning by project-based activities
  • Collaborative learning
  • Learning by competing
  • Informatics education supported by e-learning

Integration of Informatics with other Subjects

  • Informatics and its applications in the curriculum of other subjects
  • Integrating informatics with other subjects

Teacher Education

  • Standard of teacher preparation
  • How to keep informatics teachers up to date
  • Teaching/learning methodology
  • Improving classroom teaching
  • In-service training

New Media in Informatics Education and in other Subjects

  • WWW-based course support systems
  • e-textbooks
  • e-learning technology and methodology
  • e-teaching and e-learning in schools
  • Wireless and mobile environments in schools (in education)
  • Voting systems for activating learners

Conference language is English.

Only electronic submissions are accepted, see Submissions.
Kindly observe the submission deadline of December 15, 2007 - extended to January 6, 2008.